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The Beast Arises…

Tonight couldn’t get any better.

So, I boot my laptop up when i get home from work, internet doesn’t connect, but I’m connected to the router and modem. Sigh, this problem again. So I had to redo and setup the entire Router again.

I then reboot my laptop, tablet, and desktop (The Minecraft server) so I can refreash and add the new network system information. The laptop and the tablet work perfectly fine after that.

Then the beast arises.. The desktop hangs and freezes just after login. Note: I’m running Linux (Ubuntu 11.10) on it, because it’s faster in processing speed and going through folders then windows is, so it’s great for a server. (Pending on the hardware.)

So now I have to stay up all night, troubleshooting and seeing if this is hardware problem (we had thunderstorms), or if i need to reinstall Ubuntu on it. I hope i don’t have to do the latter, I don’t feel like losing server files.

I’m having boat loads of fun tonight.





Gurren Lagann Clean Intro #1

Aaaaaah, memories!

I really loved this opening even before I watched the show. And watching the show was a blast! This is one of my favorite anime openings.


I remember being in a chatroom with some friends and just asking “could someone recommend me an anime that’s not a million episodes long”
and someone told me about gurren lagann (which was still in the process of airing in japan at the time) and I watched this opening and just knew I’d be hooked
it’s been years since I felt so attached to a piece of media 

haha, gives me chills

I want.

(Source: swordweedonline)

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